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> Joining the Community
> Project "SEE-GRID
> Project "Diligent" (coming onboard this month!)
> Project "GRACE"

Upcoming events
> EU Concertation Meetings, September 15th-18th and November 22nd-23rd
>Second EGEE Conference in Den Haag, November 22nd-26th
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> Applications
High Energy Physics & Biomedical
EGEE uses pilot applications from HEP and Biomed to test the middleware and to evaluate performances. Several EGEE activities are collaborating to identify, attract and support new applications throughout the lifetime of the project.
> Status of major project milestones
The gLite Architecture document, forming the foundation of the re-engineered grid software, was sent to the EU for approval.

- The EGEE external and internal websites are up and running, They are important everyday tools for all members of the project, as well as an important dissemination tool to involve the greater public.

- The EGEE Application Activity released the Definition of Common Application Interface and Planning document, which sets the scene for the next generation of applications on the Grid.

- The Operations Activity released their Detailed Execution Plan for the first 15 months of infrastructure operation. This document defines how the EGEE Grid operation will be performed and explains the complex structure required to reach the challenging deployment objectives of the project.
>EGEE in numbers

Current # of nodes
Current # of sides
Current amount of storabe space (TB)


> EGEE is off the ground

The EGEE project officially started on April 1st after the successful completion of the contractual requirements.

The ambitious technical programme of work started as planned, made possible by the preparatory work by all partners before the project began. The greatest technical challenges are the extension of the existing production grid service (established by the LCG project using the LCG-2 middleware) to support more resource centres and non-physics applications, while in parallel designing a new set of middleware, re-engineered to provide higher production quality and developed using a distributed development model.
Additional complexities are being addressed to ensure the grid service integrates smoothly with national and regional grid initiatives.

> The grid software has a new name
The re-engineered grid software built by EGEE will be distributed under the name of gLite. Using our American friends lingo for "light", gLite (i.e. Grid Lite) promotes the fact that the re-engineered software will be simpler to install, deploy and use taen ever before, while being more secure and robust. gLite will be re-using software from different previous and current grid projects.
> The Project's Contract Amendment
tThe EGEE project recently submitted its first contract amendment request to the European Commission, to rectify outstanding discrepancies remaining from the original submission in January 2004. This includes changes in cost models for some partners, re-alignment of the number of full-time employees in certain activities and the addition of several non-contracting partners to the project. Furthermore, the project has requested a truncation to the EGEE acronym to read "Enabling Grids for E-sciencE". This is deemed to better reflect the wordwide nature of the project's work, not limited to Europe alone. It is expected that the contract amendment will be assessed by the European Union within two months (October 2004).
Gender Action Plan

EGEE Statement of Intent
All EGEE partners are requested to send a copy of their local gender policy. In order to align all partners on a common equal opportunity baseline in the context of EGEE, a common Statement of Intent has been developed. EGEE recommends partners, especially those without a gender policy, to subscribe to this statement.

Partners with a policy: 75.7%
- Partners with an official GAP: 38.6%
- Partners who subscribed to the Statement of Intent: 31.4%
- Partners who adopt a national policy: 5.7%
Partners without a policy / do not know: 5.7%
Partners who did not send information: 18.6%

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