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> EGEE in Numbers
EGEE has provided computing time corresponding to approximately 3,700 years of a single PC during the period starting from April 7 until today.
> Gender Action Plan

New fields have been added to the PPT tool in the members information area to help gather statistics for the GAP. This is filled out by the supervisors, thereby preserving confidentiality.

Project Management Board and Collaboration Boards Chairs
Robin Middleton, who represents the UK/Ireland federation in EGEE, has been elected chair of the PMB, to replace Dieter Kranzlmueller (Central Europe federation) whom we thank for his hard work and support over the first six months' term.
The first Collaboration Board chair is Fotis Karayannis, representative of the South East federation who works for GRNET in Greece.

> Second EGEE Conference (EGEE-02)

November is an important month for the EGEE project, as several important events are taking place:
- IST 2004, Den Haag, the Netherlands, 15 - 17 November
- eIRG meeting: 18 - 19 November
- Second EGEE Conference: 22 - 26 November
- First Concertation Meeting on eInfrastructures: 22 - 23 November
We are looking forward to seeing you in great numbers at the conference, which will be a good time to meet, catch up on project progress on all fronts and coordinate future activities. The opening plenary will feature several important speakers, and the Concertation meeting will bring together all INFSO RI projects. For a detailed conference programme, please visit

> Second Quarterly Report
The second quarterly report was finalised this month, with contributions from all activity managers to outline the status of the project by the end of the sixth month.
The production Grid has largely exceeded the scale of service foreseen at this stage of the project. The pilot application groups have made extensive use of the production Grid and new applications from three more scientific fields have been ported to the EGEE Grid infrastructures.
Successive prototypes of the new middleware have been produced and evaluated by representatives from the pilot application groups. The architecture and design of this software has attracted a lot of interest from related grid projects in Europe and the US and has been discussed in standardisation bodies such as GGF.
The project has been presented at high-profile events across three continents and features frequently in the printed and internet based media with a range of dissemination having been produced. The training programme has already held many tutorials and workshop across Europe

> NA4 Deployment of New Applications
The deployment of new applications beyond high energy physics (HEP) and biomedical sciences has started early after the project kick-off on GILDA, a grid infrastructure provided by INFN to host EGEE demonstration and training activities as well as new users wishing to have a first experience in a grid environment. Following the recommendations of EGEE Generic Applications Advisory Panel (EGAAP) in June, three disciplines (earth sciences, computational chemistry, astroparticle physics) are now starting to deploy their first applications on EGEE. New scientific communities are already knocking at the project door and their applications will be discussed at the next EGAAP meeting on 25 November 2004 during the EGEE conference.


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