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1st Quarter Internal Cost Claim template for FC partners

1st Quarter Internal Cost Claim template for AC and FCF partners


EGEE Cost Models under FP6

Eligible costs:

- personnel

- travel and subsistence

- durable equipment


- other costs

Third Party issues

Financial guidelines of the FP6



Internal Cost Claim Procedure


As you might know, the integration of timesheets in PPT has been quite painful for lots of us.
Therefore, I would like to take the necessary time to check all data with the partners before doing the Internal Cost Claims.
I propose to postpone the submission deadline for Q2 internal Cost Claim to:

                    Thursday, October 21st. 2004


All partners who are signatory to the EGEE contract (See list) are required to submit internal cost claims on a quarterly basis. US partners are not required to submit Cost Claims.

The process is the following:

  • Fill in the internal cost claim according to the instructions and timeline outlined below.
  • All costs claimed must be eligible as defined in the Financial guidelines of the FP6.
  • Send the Cost Claim of your institute using the following email address:

The second and third payments are subject to timely and accurate submission of the first and second quarterly reports, internal cost claims, and any related deliverables to the project office and to the APPROVAL of these reports by the internal project approval process.

How to fill in your Cost Claim for Q1:

Page Summary

  • Choose your Partner number and Name in the Menu.
  • Fill in the currency and the exchange rate applicable on July, 1st 2004. This internal cost statement must be filled out in the contractor's books currency. The amount in Euros is only for information purposes as the rate for the EU periodical cost claim will be determined at the end of the period.
  • Fill in the following mandatory information: Contact person for this cost statement, Telephone, Fax, E Mail.
  • Put the date and the name of the person in charge of work and of the financial officer who will review it.

This is the only information you have to provide on this sheet

Page Details

Please fill in the tables following the instructions given in the cost claim.

Any cost declared must be recorded in the books of your institute.

Please see Instruction Pages for further details.

For partners who report for third parties:

Please complete one cost claim for each third party and issue a “consolidated summary page.”

Naming your file:


How to fill in your Cost Claim for Q2:

Take the cost claim for Q1 agreed with the project office and continue to fill it in with the additionnal costs incurred during the 2nd quarter. the second submission is cumulative (Q1+Q2).

Please name your file



The internal cost claim should be submitted to the Project Office before the 15th of the month following the quarter you are reporting for:

  • Q1 Cost Claim should be sent before July 15th, 2004
  • Q2 Cost Claim should be sent before October 15th, 2004
  • Q3 Cost Claim should be sent before January 15th, 2005. Q3 internal Cost Claim will be submitted with the Periodical EU Cost Claim (form C) and the Audit Certificate.

Please put as subject of the Email:

ICC Q2 PartnerNumber PartnerName