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PEB Minutes

The PEB minutes are stored in CERN's Agenda Maker (CDS)

Action table


Date in







We need to confirm availability for representatives that will represent EGEE at this EU “concertation meeting” and identify “rapporteur”





Define the list (scope) of PR material forming the DNA2.5 - Production of appropriate printed PR material deliverable





Organise a meeting to define/discuss demos for the EU review





Update NA4/SA1 Joint Group Description Document





Respond with a bullet list how the upgrade recommendations which came out of the first website review (DNA2.2.1)





Respond with a bullet list how the upgrade recommendations which came out of the first website review (DNA2.3.1)





Organise a dedicated demo meeting for the IST EU Conference event





On MNA4.1: MEB (Reviewer), René Metery and Eric Fédé to discuss the way ahead to meet this milestone.


82 7/10 NA1, NA2, NA3, NA4, JRA1, JRA2, JRA3

Send GGF Trip Report to PEB


83 7/10 NA1/Fab Clarify details of Teragrid support letter Closed
84 7/10 All Send numbers of participants foreseen for EGEE conference Closed
85 14/10 NA4 Add dedicated EGAAP page to NA4 website Closed
86 14/10 NA4 Provide name of responsible for all demos Closed
87 14/10 All Provide proposed dates for future (next 6 months) important meetings (e.g. >50 people, events/meeting/workshops) Closed
88 14/10 NA4 Setup a PTF web page, including requirements for gLite Closed
89 1/11 JRA4 Provide details for the JRA4-led joint session Closed
90 1/11 JRA3 Submit abstract for MJRA3.5 Closed
91 1/11 JRA3 Justification and estimated delivery for MJRA3.5 Closed
92 4/11 NA4/JRA2/SA1 Extract required data per VO (non-HEP) Closed
93 4/11 NA2 Investigate the possibility to have cable network connections for the demos (only) Closed
94 11/11 JRA1 Provide support to JRA2 for where to find quality metrics data in the L&B and RB services Closed
95 11/11 NA1 Send email with all EU Review preparation dates Closed
96 11/11 NA4

Make enquiries for a second beamer for the demo sessions at Den Haag

97 11/11 NA1/JRA1/SA1 Compile list of questions in order to clarify the deployment the current middleware running on the JRA1 Prototype Testbed on the 30 Alice sites Closed
98 18/11 All Propose names for the different presenters for the EU Review Closed
99 2/12 All Register the key people for the EU Review using the newly created webpage: Closed
100 2/12 PO, JRA3, NA5 Issue reach-out statement to all EU Grid project on security, aiming at adopting the same security infrastructure. Closed
101 9/12 NA2(Terena) Build a draft programme for the conference Closed
102 9/12 PO Update the draft programme to reflect the agreed changes Closed
103 16/12 PO Invite the LHC computing coordinators and the IT Group leaders to the dress rehearsal Closed
104 16/12 Fab

Contact Robin Middleton (PMB member) for a confirmation of the British hosting of the 4th EGEE Conference in the UK.

105 16/12 Guy Wormser and Vincent Organise “Mini-MOU” for recommended applications in order for PEB to make informed decision on the applications Closed
106 9/12 All + Guy Wormser and Cal Loomis Provide answers to the EAC feedback Closed
107 20/1 All

Suggest dates for a “post-mortem” EU Review for a face-to-face and conference call meeting (full day and half day), between review and next AA meeting

Partly covered during working lunch rest will be covered at the next AA.


108 20/1 PO Send final list for the 1st EU Review to the PEB Closed
109 20/1 NA4/Vincent Specify a date for when the MoU will be ready for each EGAAP recommended application Closed
110 20/1 NA2 Write list of requirements for conference hosts Closed
111 20/1 NA3 Report to the PEB the results of the next UIG meeting Closed 
112 20/1 All Provide questions for the CrossGrid project, in order to be able to take recommend actions on their proposal Dropped
113 24/02 All Provide feedback on MoU template Closed
114 24/02 NA3 Send link to material for DILIGENT training to PEB list Closed
115 24/02 All Identify the different presenter for all sessions in Athens (31 March). Closed
116 24/02 NA2 Identify a suitable reviewer within the TERENA “network” for network related deliverables and milestones Dropped
117 24/02 NA3 Propose new delivery date for DNA3.3 Closed
118 24/02 NA4

Propose new delivery date for DNA4.3

119 24/02 NA4 Submit to the PEB the Application Survey for review Closed
120 17/03 All Provide QR inputs Closed
121 24/03 Industry Forum Investigate further solutions for Commercial Software License, including “The MathWorks” and CGG solutions (invite them to the Industry Forum if not already member) Closed

presented in Athens

122 24/3 PO/NA5 Request support from EU on (Commercial) Software License for application deployment on the Grid Dropped
123 31/3 PO Propose a way to improve technical discussion between key people and activities Closed
124 31/3 All Provide a list of high level “structural” updates to be taken into account in the preparation of Phase 2 Closed
125 31/3 PO/NA2 Try to find a slot for a face to face PEB/TF meeting in Athens Closed
126 31/3 PO Ask Fab to consider issuing a statement to diffuse rumours on EGEE Phase 2 Closed
127 7/4 PO/NA3 Organise review DJRA1.3 across the entire project Closed
128 28/4 NA2 Jim to send to the PEB a list of issues raised about the INDICO Closed
129 28/4 NA4 Modify the application survey in order to be able to identify scientists and researchers using the Grid applications (not directly) Ongoing
130 12/5 All Identify individuals for moderators/reviewers of Q5 deliverables/milestones Closed
131 12/5 All Activities should send list of people that would like to attend GGF (June 26-29 Chicago) Closed
132 23/6 NA4 Take over requirements DB from the PTF Closed
133 23/6 SA1/JRA1/NA4 Define the forum to drive JRA1's workplan Closed
134 23/6 All Define a way to address the control of the gLite interfaces Closed
135 23/6 All

Propose questions, issues that should be addressed during the plenary session

136 23/5 All Review the list of parallel sessions Done
137 14/7 Cal/Meb Moderator of DJRA1.4 to summarise review comments and propose further topics and issues for discussion with JRA1 Done
138 21/7 NA3 Identify companies to deliver training Done
139 4/8 NA1(PO) Give the contacts of each partner and federation leader to the PEB list Done
140 4/8 All Work with JRA2 in September to define metrics for partners October/
141 11/8 NA4 Contact each app domain to submit demos, also considering other activities (e.g. NA3) Done
142 11/8 Frédéric/Ian Define clear requirements for new sessions around the new security model for DM Done
143 11/8 NA3/David Contact Florida Estrella Cainglet to advertise the training event on the Sunday of the Pisa conference to related projects Done
144 11/8 All Remind your people to register for the conference Done
145 25/8 JRA4/SA1 Agree on the trial of the JRA4 monitoring prototype Closed
146 25/8 JRA4 Invite DANTE to review DJRA4.3 Dropped
147 25/8 NA5 Invite DEISA and SEE-GRID in the review of NA5.3 and DNA5.4 Closed
148 25/8 All Identify people to present the key PM18 deliverables at the face-to-face PEB meeting Done
149 22/9 All Check the Pisa programme for clashes Closed
150 3-4/10 NA2 Organise the recording of the Friday sessions in Pisa Closed
151 3-4/10 TD Clarify and document the certification process for applications and high-level services relying on the EGEE middleware Ongoing
152 3-4/10 NA2/NA4 Simplify navigation to the applications page on the public website Ongoing
153 3-4/10 NA4 In Pisa, present the new process of inclusion of new applications Closed
154 26/10 Dieter Dieter will get some more material on industry. (For the hearing slides) Closed
155 26/10 Bob Shibbooleth under security.(Hearing slides) Closed
156 3/11 NA2/Jim Jim will collect feedback from all conveners about INDICO and write a report on INDICO for the Pisa Conference Closed
157 3/11 All Provide inputs to our update to the answers to the EU Reviewers recommendations Closed
158 3/11 NA4 Setup the organising committee for the User Forum Closed
159 10/11 Ĺke Make contact with Stephano Beco Closed
160 10/11 All Please send updates to the reviewers recommendations before the end of the day Friday 11/11. Closed
161 Pisa SA1/JRA1 Develop convergence path towards a single EGEE distribution called gLite Done, Please send around !
162 Pisa NA2 Develop EGEE partyline and corporate identity for the portal and international events Done
163 Pisa NA3 Make available a set of reviewed presentations and exercises Ongoing
164 Pisa NA3 Develop aging mechanisms for presentations Ongoing
165 Pisa NA3 Develop feedback mechanisms from tutorials (and NA3 developments) to technical groups Ongoing
166 Pisa NA3/NA4/SA1 Develop strategies for improving end-user documentation Ongoing
167 Pisa NA3/NA4/SA1 Clarify composition and membership of the UIG Ongoing
168 10/11 Erwin Write a simple template for the “pre-meeting reports". Done
169 10/11 Erwin

Come up with a proposal on a technical report series (or similar) at a future PEB meeting.

170 17/11 Massimo

Invite people to attend the Programme Committee of the Forum.
Update User Forum Agenda and send out to all concerned.

171 17/11 Kristina Book "Pas Perdus" for User Forum.
Check with J. Fichet if it is possible with a second screen for review.
172 17/11 Gabriel Send out a confirmation about time change for this reviewing process. Done
173 17/11 PEB Propose names for reviewing the M21 deliverables within NA3 (moderator), NA4 ad JRA2. Done
174 17/11 Meb Add speakers names to review agenda. Done
175 17/11 PEB Designate people who should attend the review and ask them to register ASAP (Max 10 per activity). Done
176 17/11 NA2 Get demo posters from Pisa for the review. Done
177 17/11 Fréderic H. Check if ETICS have been invited to attend the eIRG meeting. Done
178 17/11 David F. Send a list over who are in the UIG following a request from Hannelore. Done
179 17/11 Bob, Erwin Following a short discussion on the subject, Bob will discuss further with Erwin whether the TCG should be reviewing JRA1 related milestones Done
180 17/11 PEB

Look into email from Jim concerning the plenary questions in Pisa. Reply to questions by the next PEB.

181 17/11 Jim Circulate reviewer’s slides from Pisa Done
181 24/11 JRA1, JRA3, SA1 Explain how the ticket flow is handled for the moment and how it should work at best. Specify types of problem. Consider if this is listed as a task in JRA1 Ongoing
182 24/11 SA1 (Flavia) Please send a report on the problems on Ticket Process Management to Bob to put forward to the PMB next week. Ongoing
183 24/11 Activity managers Input to the TA: Associate to each deliverable a cost in person months, the total sum should be the same as the sum in the table of the activity sum. The EU only reviews deliverables and thus all costs should be connected to a deliverable. All total efforts must match at the end. Done
184 24/11 Activity  managers TA: Review partner’s descriptions and update any missing information. If they do not respond, give the PMB a list of these partners before the PMB on 30th of November. Done
185 24/11 SA1, NA5, Bob TA: Work jointly on the section on contribution of policy development. Bob should arrange a phone conference on this subject. Ongoing
186 24/11 PEB Updated review slides must be sent to the PO at the latest on Sunday 4 December (printing on Monday 5th!) Done


Programme of work

Below is an overview of the tasks/subjects that need to be addressed by the PEB from August 2004 to the end of March 2006.


  • Develop the programme for the 2nd EGEE conference – Done
  • Develop the agenda for the All-activity meeting in September (13th September) – Done
  • Review the scope of the PM4 & PM5 deliverables and milestones – Done
  • Approve PM4 deliverables and milestones – Done
  • Review software license and copyright details – Done
  • Oversee the set-up of the pre-production service –Done (covered at AA meeting)
  • Organise participation to GGF meeting (September 20-23) – Done
  • Organisation participation  to 1st EU concertation meeting (September 15th) – Done


  • Start to prepare / identify the demos for the Review – On-Going
  • Attend the All-Activity meeting (13th September) – Done
  • Develop the programme for the 2nd EGEE conference – Done
  • Review the scope of the PM6 deliverables and milestones – Done
  • Approve PM5 deliverables and milestones – Done
  • Review status of non-HEP applications deployment – Done
  • Review feedback from GGF meeting (September 20-23) – Dropped
  • Alignment with national grid initiatives – Postponed


  • Review feedback from CHEP04 conference – Done
  • Develop the programme for the 2nd EGEE conference – Done
  • Prepare 2nd Quarterly Reports – Done
  • Review feedback from 1st EU concertation meeting (September 15th)  – Done
  • Prepare agenda for the 1st EU review (needs to be agreed with the EU) – Done
  • Approve PM6 deliverables and milestones – Done
  • Review the scope of the PM9 deliverables and milestones and identify moderators & reviewers – Done


  • IST conference – Done
  • 2nd EU concertation meeting – Done
  • 2nd EGEE conference – Done
  • SC2004 – Done
  • EU Review Draft Demo Ready – Done


  • Review feedback from 2nd EGEE conference and concertation meeting – Done (?)
  • Prepare the 1st EU review – Done
  • Approve PM9 deliverables and milestones – Done
  • Prepare 3rd Quarterly Reports, Periodic Reports & cost claims – Done

January 2005

  • Prepare the 1st EU review – Done
  • Approve 3rd Quarterly Report and Periodic Reports (before 24th January so they can be sent to the EU reviewers at least 2 weeks before the review) – Done
  • Several rehearsals for demos – Done
  • Rehearsal for presentations – Done


  • Dressed Rehearsal (2-4th February) – Done
  • Attend the 1st EU review (9-11th February) – Done
  • Review verbal feedback from the 1st EU review – Done
  • Review the scope of the PM12 deliverables and milestones and identify moderators & reviewers – Done


  • Prepare 4th quarterly reports – Done
  • Attend All-Activity meeting (address feedback from EU review) – Done
  • Prepare programme for 3rd EGEE conference – Done
  • Approve PM12 milestone and deliverables Done
  • Finalise programme for 3rd EGEE conference – Done
  • Determine attendance for EU Concertation meeting (Brussels 25-27th April) On-Going (June 1 and 2)
  • Review EU written feedbackDone


  • Delegation to attend the EU Concertation meeting (Brussels 25-27th April) Dropped (meeting cancelled)
  • Prepare written response to 1st EU reviewers report (should be received by end of March) – Done
  • Review scope of PM14 and PM15 deliverables and milestones + identify moderators and reviewersDone
  • Approve PM13 milestone and deliverables - Done
  • Attend 3nd EGEE conference in Athens (18-22nd April) – Done
  • Determine attendance for GGF 14 (26-29 June in Chicago) Done


  • Review feedback from 3rd EGEE Conference in Athens – Done
  • Attend the All-Activity meeting (19-20th May)


  • Review feedback from 3rd EGEE Conference in Athens and the EU Concertation Meeting (June 1 and 2) Done
  • Approve PM14 milestone and deliverables Done
  • Review scope of PM16 and PM18 deliverables and milestones + identify moderators and reviewers Done
  • Prepare 5th Quarterly Reports Done


  • Attend the All-Activity meeting (5-6th July) Done
  • Approve PM15 milestone and deliverables Done
  • Approve 5th Quarterly Report Done
  • Approve PM16 milestone and deliverables Done
  • Submit EGEE-II proposal Done
  • Prepare EGEE-II Technical Annexe - Done
  • Finalise programme for 4th EGEE conference - Done
  • Prepare 6th Quarterly Reports - Done
  • Face-to-face PEB meeting to prepare the deliverables (up to PM18) for EU Focused Review (Date: 3rd and 4th of October) - Done
  • Approve PM18 milestone and deliverables - Done
  • Attend 4th EGEE conference in Pisa (24-28th October) - Done
  • Approve 6th Quarterly Report - Done
  • Prepare Project Director Handover - Done
  • Prepare material for EGEE-II hearing - Done
  • Review feedback from 4th EGEE Conference - Done
  • Approve PM19 milestone and deliverables
  • Rehearsal for presentations for EU Review (see below for details)
  • Review and update note on answers to EU reviewer feedback following earlier EU Review -  Done
  • Focussed EU review
  • Review verbal feedback from the Focussed EU review
  • Approve PM20 milestone and deliverables
  • Prepare 7th Quarterly Reports
  • Ho, Ho, Ho!!!
January 2006
  • Approve PM20 milestone and deliverables
  • Attend the All-Activity meeting (18th-19th January)
  • Approve 7th Quarterly Report
  • Approve PM21 deliverables and milestones
  • Prepare written responses to reviewers' recommendations from the focused review
  • Attend User Forum (March 1-3)
  • Prepare 8th Quarterly Report and periodic Report
  • Approve PM22 deliverables/milestones
  • Approve PM23 and PM24 deliverables and milestones
  • Prepare for final EGEE review
  • Prepare for final EGEE review
  • Attend final EGEE review and EGEE II transition meeting


Timeline towards the EU Focused Review in December 2005 (6th and 7th):


    • Wednesday 9th November: EGEE EU Review Demo Rehearsal – Part 1
    • Wednesday 16th November: EGEE EU Review Demo Rehearsal – Part 2
    • Friday 18th November: Upload presentations for Rehearsal of the 22-23th November
    • Tuesday 22nd / Wednesday 23nd November: EGEE EU Review Rehearsal
    • Friday 25th November: Upload updated presentations following rehearsal feedback of the 22-23th November
    • Tuesday 29th / Wednesday 30th November: EGEE EU Review Dress Rehearsal
    • Friday 2nd December: Upload final presentations for printing
    • Tuesday 6th / Wednesday 7th December: EGEE EU Review


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