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EGEE PEB Action list 2006


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57 1/6 All Bids for activity track meetings by end of next week (June 9th)!  
56 1/6 All Register effort for EGEE final review in PPT under "reviews"  
55 20/4 NA4 Encourage sites to install MPI, since this is a required feature by several applications. Should investigate how to make it easier for the sites to install. On hold
52 13/4 NA2 Make  VO procedures for  and groups should be made easily accessible on the EGEE web pages, both external and technical. On hold
51 13/4 SA1 SA1 should provide a set of VOMS servers deployed by default that could easily add the new VO + support!  
50 13/4 NA3 Identify leadership and membership of the UIG.  
49 13/4 NA4 Create VO Managers Group and nominate leadership  
44 6/4 Erwin See how we can present key deliverables to the PEB.  
41 6/4 NA2 partners +all

NA2 partners to review web pages. All activities must help by keeping their pages up to date and take off obsolete material!

This is being handled by the QAG.

29 16/3 NA1+ Activity managers Execution plan: need to identify which individuals will work on which tasks in EGEE-II. PEB insists that they are not asked to spend time re-entering people for EGEE-II that are already in PPT for EGEE. Action on NA1 to make AFM/PMB understand that providing this information is very important.  
13 9/2 NA4 Nominate deputies.(NA4, NA3) Ongoing
151 3-4/10 SA3 Clarify and document the certification process for applications and high-level services relying on the EGEE middleware April
54 20/4 All For the Execution plan: Send to the PEB the list of partners that have not responded. PEB will check if there are partner who have not responded for several activities and follow-up. Closed
45 6/4 All Please provide the draft Table of Content for all upcoming Q1 deliverables Closed
40 6/4 SA2 (?)

SA2 has looked for the different procedures or tools to find the IP dependencies and find nothing really relevant, apart the work of UCL (which has not been apparently continued).
Please try to contact Federico Ruggieri again, put Erwin in cc.
Follow up with EU China Grid.

12 9/2 NA3 Provide details on  management structure. (NA3) Closed
140 4/8 All Work with JRA2 in September to define metrics for partners. Document should be ready by March! NA1 person should attend on 17th of March meeting! Still missing input from NA4 and SA3 Closed


Pisa NA3


Make available a set of reviewed presentations and exercises

New action: All activities should give feedback. Deadline: 14 March.



165 Pisa NA3 Develop feedback mechanisms from tutorials (and NA3 developments) to technical groups. SA1contact still missing! Someone will be hand picked! ;-) Closed
37 30/3 Bob Concerning the Birdflu simulation. An official demand should be circulated to the centers that there will be a request on their resources. Closed
43 6/4 Cal

MNA4.4:  find out where we are on this milestone.

47 6/4 All

For review presentations: Please go through point by point and address the Key Highlights .
 One or two slides per activity for Erwin’s “marketing talk”. Deadline Monday before the first review.

53 20/4 All Upload your presentations for the industry day to event agenda page! Closed
48 6/4 Bob Present that the PEB have no objections on the licensing to the PMB Done
46 6/4 Kristina Send around the program of the review Done
42 6/4 All Please read passage 6 of DNA 5.5 and see what is written there. Please send your comments to the PEB Done
38 30/3 Bob Industry Day: Ask Helene to organise a dinner on the evening of the 27th of April. Done
36 24/3 All Propose members for each activity to the Programme Committee of the EGEE'06 Conference. Send requests for meeting rooms to Hannelore.  
34 24/3 Vincent/Erwin

Put up a plan for demos for final review with Erwin (Cal will probably be there too). Schedule for demo rehearsals.

39 30/3 NA1/NA2 Industry Day: Help disseminate information about the event. Hannelore:  send around more information on who is registered etc Done
32 24/3 All Activity leaders Prepare draft presentations for the transition meeting. Discussion on April 7th. Done
31 24/3 NA1

Send around status on reminder on what is pending or each Activity to complete the QR8.

30 24/3 Frank, Massimo, Kristina

Propose what needs to be done to produce a UF abstracts document.
New Action: Kristina to put text into suitable EGEE format.

21 9/3 NA4 Select suitable demos and person to oversee the demos (Bio MDM (security and datamangement) and 2nd demo. Need to finalise by next PEB at the latest! Specify wht work is required to use demos for review) Done
3 5/1 SA2 See what is written down for the IPV6 compability. See if someone has taken these guidelines and turned them into testing. Closed
20 9/3 NA4 Distribute link to questionnaire to get more feedback Done
37 24/3 Kristina

Set up a meeting with Massimo, Erwin, Dieter and Bob to discuss proposal on joint GGF/User Forum.

35 24/3 Vincent Circulate document on birdflu. Done
33 24/3 Bob Circulate letterwith the official confirmation from the Commission of the end of negotiations of the EGEE-II contract. Done
28 16/3 Fotis EU Concertation: Send around mail concerning proposed groups that were discussed in Pisa. Deadline 22 March for responding to  EU. Done
27 9/3 Erwin invite Claus Jacobs to the next PEB to present his plans Done
26 9/3 Hannelore send around Claus Jacobs' presentation Done
25 9/3 All provide input to Erwin on the globus roadmap Done
24 9/3 Kristina send around the reviewers recommendations plus the collected slides from the AAM Done
23 9/3 NA1 Set up a meeting between NA4 and SA1 to discuss application support Done
22 9/3 NA4 Collect input on the UF contributions from the conveners, make a collection of the concerns and issues raised at the event. Will be ready by 24/3. Done
19 9/3 Kristina/Massimo Put together bidders pack for next UF Done (see action 30)
18 24/2 NA1/NA5 Action NA1 and NA5: Make an analysis of the GGF groups that exist, then decide which ones are important for us to be involved in. Done
17 9/2 NA2 Make new travel document available on the web. Send link with instructions on where to send the document. Done
16 9/2 NA2/JRA2 Make Branding document easily accessible on the web. (Templates/procedures documents availability via web being discussed) Done
15 9/2 NA3 Please nominate  DJRA 1.7reviewer. Closed
14 9/2 Åke Please inform the PEB on the progress of JRA3.4. Closed
11 2/2 Kristina Link to action list from minutes Closed
10 2/2 PEB Please send your comments to the User survey proposal to Vincent ASAP Closed
9 2/2 SA1 Please respond to Cal’s questions on applications benchmarks (see PEB report W5). Closed
8 26/1 Claudio G. and Ian B. Middleware development and testing:Procedural issues to be discussed,  report to the PEB Closed
7 26/1 Cal L. Shorten input from Massimo on the Usefulness matrics,  send around a shorter version. Closed
6 12/1 Ian B.

SA1 deployment scenarios of application services document. Include in talk at User Forum.

5 5/1 Erwin Propose a draft agenda for AA meeting. Closed
4 5/1 Bob Discuss agenda with the Industry Forum to arrange a day for Industry before the end of EGEE. Closed
2 5/1 Kostas/Vincent Follow up on review recommendation 22 (BAR) Closed
1 5/1 Alisdair Follow up on recommendation concerning the transfer of budget to SA1. Please contact Prague people for more input. Closed
       Actions 2005  
185 24/11 SA1, NA5, Bob TA: Work jointly on the section on contribution of policy development. Bob should arrange a phone conference on this subject. Closed
182 24/11 SA1 (Flavia) Please send a report on the problems on Ticket Process Management to Bob to put forward to the PMB next week. Closed
181 24/11 JRA1, JRA3, SA1 Explain how the ticket flow is handled for the moment and how it should work at best. Specify types of problem. Consider if this is listed as a task in JRA1. Tell SA1 where to send tickets! Closed
169 10/11 Erwin

Come up with a proposal on a technical report series (or similar) at a future PEB meeting.

167 Pisa NA3/NA4/SA1 Clarify composition and membership of the UIG Done
166 Pisa NA3/NA4/SA1 Develop strategies for improving end-user documentation. Transfered to UIG! Done
164 Pisa NA3 Develop aging mechanisms for presentations Done
152 3-4/10 NA2/NA4 Simplify navigation to the applications page on the public website Closed
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