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Activity Number
Descriptive Title
Short description and specific objectives of the activity
Networking activities
Management of I3 Overall management of the project
Dissemination and Outreach Operate the dissemination Web site, support mail lists and web base collaborative tools, organize presentations, visits, 2 project conferences and showcases per year, publication of dissemination material
User Training and Induction Produce training and course material. Deliver on-site courses and support distributed courses in the project.
Application Identification and Support Support of HEP and Bio pilot applications. Identification of early users. Introduction of new user communities. Definition of common application interfaces and tools. Creation of an Industry Forum.
International Cooperation Cooperation with US NSF Cyberinfrastructure. Active collaboration with other EU projects and activities (FP5 GRIDSTART, Complex Problem Solving Middleware projects). Establish Grid Policy Forum in Europe. Participation to GGF activities. Collaboration with US and Russia.
Specific Service Activities
European Grid Support, Operation and Management Core infrastructure services. Grid monitoring and control. Middleware deployment and resource induction. Resource and user support. Grid management.
Network Resource Provision Definition in collaboration with RN Geant and NRENs of SLRs, Modelling, SLSs, SLAs, Policies.
Research Activities

Middleware Re-engineering and Integration
Implement production quality Core Grid services by re-engineering existing Middleware and by completing missing functionality. Integration of middleware components. Testing and validation. Establish and run an overall architecture team.
Quality Assurance Project-wide quality assurance. Quality assurance in EGEE is the planned and systematic set of activities that ensure that processes, products and operation services conform to EGEE requirements, standards, procedures, and to the required level of services.
Security Enable secure operation of a European Grid infrastructure. Develop security architectures frameworks and policies. Includes requirements cycle, definition of incident response methods and authentication polices. Consistent design of security mechanism for all core Grid services. Production needs of resource providers with regard to identity integrity and protection.
Network Services development Develop interfaces to the network control plane to allow Grid middleware to make immediate and advanced reservations of network connectivity specified in terms of bandwidth, duration and quality of service.
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