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Year 2005

Conference Title
EGEE: a production grid infrastructure NESSI Meeting Brussels 12/12/05 B. Jones
EGEE - Status and Future of the World's Largest Grid Infrastructure CGW05 Krakow, PL 20-23/11/05 D. Kranzlmueller
CERN - the leading particle physics laboratory -and its approach to Grids UNESCO-CERN conference Geneva, CH 29/09/05 B. Jones
e-Infrastructure in Europe APAC’05 Brisbane, Australia 26-29/09/05 F. Gagliardi
Grids for Basic Research and Beyond, a first example: EGEE OECD Global Science Forum Sydney, Australia 24-26/09/05 F. Gagliardi
EGEE - A worldwide Grid infrastructure NGO Presentation Singapore 23/09/05 F. Gagliardi
Talk title tbc SERONTO  Geneva, CH 23/09/05 D. Kranzlmueller
Talk title tbc GI Bonn,DE 21/09/05 D. Kranzlmueller
The EGEE Grid CERN official visit, Prof. Plaza CERN 19/09/05 M.E. Begin
Talk title tbc ASIM Conference Erlangen,
14/09/05 D. Kranzlmueller
The EGEE Project Danish Grid Forum visit to CERN Geneva, CH 13/09/05 O. Appleton
Talk title tbc CoreGrid Summer School Lausanne, CH 08/09/05 D. Kranzlmueller
EGEE - An opportunity for Biomedical applications MIE2005 Geneva, CH 29/08/05 B. Jones
Introduction to EGEE EGEE tutorial Seoul, Korea 29-31/08/05 F. Gagliardi
Introduction to EGEE EGEE tutorial Tokyo, Japan 24-28/08/05 F. Gagliardi
EGEE and gLite for CERN Summer Student Tutorial EGEE Grid tutorial for CERN Summer Students Geneva, CH 24/08/05 M.E. Begin
Introduction to EGEE EGEE tutorial Taipei,Taiwan

20-23/08/05 F. Gagliardi
The EGEE Grid 1st Pangalactic Workshop on BOINC! Geneva, CH 12/07/05 M.E. Begin
e-Science at CERN – the EGEE project Meeting on e-Science Santiago de Compostela, SP 06/09/05 F. Gagliardi
GRID infrastructures in Europe and applications SERONO Geneva 18/06/05 F. Gagliardi
Opportunities and Co-operation in Research Networks, Grid systems and services for  science and business: EGEE, a case history Euro-India ICT Workshop Bengalore , India 30- 31/05/05 F. Gagliardi
EGEE – the infrastructure gets real HP-CAST4 Krakow 8-10/05/05 F. Gagliardi
The EGEE Project HealthGrid Workshop Oxford 08/05/2005 B. Jones
EGEE ‘s Strategy on Grid and Web Services UK e-Science Core Programme Town Meeting
“Defining the next level of Services for e-Science”
London, UK 31/1/05 F. Gagliardi
EGEE ‘s Strategy on Grid and Web Services Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute
Steering Committee (OMIISC) Meeting
London, UK 19/1/05 F. Gagliardi
EGEE Project- Status WHO visit CERN 14/03/05 B. Jones

Year 2004

EGEE, First Results and Future Plans Cracow Grid Workshop – CGW’04 Cracow, PL 15/12/04 F. Gagliardi
EGEE Project - Goals and Status Overview of EGEE project organised by DFN Bonn, DE 07/12/04 B. Jones
CERN and the Information Technology Society Overview of CERN, Grids and EGEE given at NCSR Demokritos, GR 30/11/04  
The Grid in Europe INFN Awarding Day Roma , IT 30/11/04 F. Gagliardi
Technical Status 2nd EGEE Conference Den Haag 23/11/04 B. Jones
The Grid and e-Science Greek COMDEX Greece 05/11/04 M.E. Begin
The EGEE Grid Infrastructure Project: First experience and future plans- Invited talk. PNC 2004 Taipei , Taiwan 21/10/04 F. Gagliardi
EU EGEE Project - Status and Plans OpenLab Sponsors Meeting CERN 20/10/04 B. Jones
The Grid and its potential impact on the society TA-Swiss Geneva 20/09/04 M.E. Begin
The Grid and its Potential Impact on Society Centre for Technology Assessment - TA Swiss   09/04 M.E Begin
EU EGEE project - Status and Plan UK eScience All-Hands Meeting Nottingham , UK 03/09/04 B. Jones
The EGEE Grid infrastructure project: first experience and future plans. Invited talk International Workshop on HEP Data Grids Daegu , Korea 27/08/04 F. Gagliardi
EGEE - An international computing Grid infrastructure Lecture at Second GGF International Grid School Vico Equense , Italy 20/07/04 F. Gagliardi
The EGEE European Grid Infrastructure Project Keynote   talk at "High performance computing for computational science - VECPAR-04
Valencia , Spain 30/06/04 F. Gagliardi
Grids: The Next Killer Application TERENA Networking Conference Rhodes , Greece 06/04 B. Jones
Grid Middleware
An Overview of the EGEE project
UK DTI visit CERN 29/06/04 B. Jones
A Technical Overview of the EGEE Project DELOS Workshop on Digital Libraries Cagliari , Italy 25/06/04 B. Jones
Update on the EGEE project OpenLab Board of Sponsors meeting CERN 22/06/04 B. Jones
NA1 & NA5 NA1 & NA5 - All Activity Meeting CERN 18/06/04 F. Gagliardi
Introduction to the EGEE Project Presentation made to ESA representatives CERN 17/06/04 B. Jones
Grid Computing Visit of the Iranian delegation CERN 15/06/04 B. Jones
The EGEE project: the new Grid Infrastructure . Invited talk. "Second Annual Reality Grid Workshop", Royal Society
London , UK 15/06/04 F. Gagliardi
Introduction to the EGEE Project EGAAP CERN 14/06/04 F. Gagliardi
EGEE Project SE Federation 3rd Party Meeting   27/05/04 B. Jones
EGEE presentation at the Induction Course NA3 Induction Course CERN 19/05/04 F. Gagliardi
EGEE and Grid presentation to EU senior delegation Visit CERN 18/05/04 F. Gagliardi
CERN in SEE-GRID SEE, Grid Athens , Greece 17/05/04 F. Gagliardi
A new computing infrastructure: Enabling Grids for E-Science ICCSA 2004 Assisi , Italy 14/05/04 F. Gagliardi
The EGEE International Grid Infrastructure and the Digital Divide Méditerranée: Le partage du Savoir
Conference organised by L' Association Française pour l'Avancement des Sciences.
CERN 6-7/05/04 F. Gagliardi
Grid presentation to Italian Minister Moratti Visit CERN 03/05/04 F. Gagliardi
CERN and the Grid EPFL   28/04/04 B. Jones
Middleware Planning for LCG/EGEE UK eScience Meeting on Grids and Webservices London , UK 23/04/04 B. Jones
EGEE Project: A Technical Overview First EGEE Conference Cork , Ireland 19-04-04 B. Jones
Enabling Grids for E-Science in Europe EIRG Workshop Dublin , Ireland 15/04/04 F. Gagliardi
Information Technology Revolution! Visit of the Thai delegation CERN 14/04/04 B. Jones
EGEE Project: A technical overview PIC Barcelona, SP 30/03/04 B. Jones
The EGEE Project
Potential Road Map
EU Biomedical Applications Workshop Brussels , Belgium 19/03/04 F. Gagliardi
B. Jones
The EGEE Grid infrastructure and the Digital Divide (VC) LISHEP 2004 Rio de Janeiro , Brazil 16/02/04 F. Gagliardi
B. Jones
An Open Source Approach for Grids
Position Paper
EU Middlleware Workshop - Industrial Strength Middleware Bussels , Belgium 21/01/04 B. Jones

F. Gagliardi

Year 2003
Workshop on eInfrastructures (Internet and Grids). Best Practices and Challenges eInfrastructures Roma, It 09 -10 /12 / 03 F. Gagliardi
Experience with Grid infrastructures in Europe and outlook for the future MSK '03 Kracow, PL 26-28 /11 / 03 F. Gagliardi
EGEE: a Grid research infrastructure project INFRA/ERA 2003 Trieste, IT 21-22  / 11  / 03 F. Gagliardi
Review of DataGrid progress and plans for the EGEE project CGW '03 Kracow, PL 27-29  / 10  / 03 F. Gagliardi


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