Technical Management Board

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The TMB will oversee the technical coordination of the project ensuring the project provides a production-level Grid infrastructure that meets the requirements of its various user groups. It builds on the success and experience of EGEE-II’s Technical Coordination Group (TCG), expanding in representation and tasks. The TMB will be chaired by the Technical Director and brings together the technical activities of the project. It is composed of:

           The operations manager (SA1);

           2 or 3 site representatives with a background in different site characteristics;

           A security representative;

           The managers of the middleware (JRA1) and integration, testing, and certification (SA3) activities;

           The manager of the User Community support and expansion activity (NA4);

           Representatives of the strategic discipline clusters (NA4);

           The networking support manager (SA2).

Additional experts may be invited to the TMB based on the discussion topics.

Specifically, the TMB will:

           assess requirements from applications and operations;

           endorse and supervise the work plans for middleware engineering (JRA1), integration, testing, and certification (SA3), as well as strategic discipline clusters (NA4);

           determine the project’s policies for adoption of and contribution to standards;

           provide the technical oversight and strategy for the overall Grid operations.

 Following the EGEE-II TCG model, the TMB will create short-lived working groups to resolve specific technical issues. These working groups will closely collaborate with other projects to ensure a common approach to the respective problems.

The TMB will liaise with the Resource Allocation Group (SA1) and the direct user support group (NA4) to ensure proper resource allocation to users and the availability of quality documentation. The TMB will meet weekly to every fortnight either in person or by phone. The TMB will regularly inform the AMB on its progress and plans to ensure a common understanding throughout the project. Technical issues encountered in the AMB will be forwarded to the TMB by the Technical Director for resolution there. Issues not resolved in the TMB or AMB will be escalated to the PMB for resolution via the Technical Director and Project Director.