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NA1: Management


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High quality management will be a key to the success of the EGEE Integrated Infrastructure Initiative. While the lead partners of the project each have considerable experience of managing large projects, an I3 is a considerably larger and more complex undertaking than previously attempted.

NA1 Objectives

  • Overall project management and reporting to the EU.
  • Daily management of the project activities, resource allocation and monitoring.
  • Conflict resolutions and corrective actions.

NA1 Strategy

  • Set up the overall management structure according to the management plan.
  • Nominate and hire the necessary key technical positions.
  • Run the necessary management boards and bodies.
  • Ensure timely delivery of project deliverables to the EU.
  • Implement and oversee the appropriate quality control on the project deliverables including a formal
    internal review process.
  • Document and disseminate project results in coordination with the project dissemination line of activity
    and responsible partners.
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