EGEE Workshop on Management of Rights in Production Grids

at HPDC-15, June 19, 2006, Paris, France

With the establishment of large scale multidisciplinary Grid infrastructures such as the EGEE, OSG, or Naregi Grid infrastructures, the management of user rights and capabilities across organizational and even Grid infrastructure boundaries is becoming a cornerstone of successful Grid operations.

As more parties are involved in making resource access policies, including not only the user and the resource owner but also aggregating entities such as virtual organisations (VOs) and their sub groups, there is a need to translate these policies into decisions regarding priorities and quota. Whereas policy combination for access control (ultimately resulting in a binary decision) is close to being deployed, the sliding scale of priority and quotas is still far from realization. Support for weighing policies, for example in job scheduling systems or storage brokers is still absent in many systems. Also, how to effectively expose such weighing functions at the global level for real-life cross-domain brokering is still an open question.

This workshop will bring together practitioners and researchers on Grid rights and capability management and Grid tools relying on this infrastructure (in particular data and job management) to discuss the state-of-the art, identify areas where additional research is needed, explore how latest research results can be applied in production Grid infrastructures and give input to ongoing standardization efforts.

Topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Rights management in virtual organizations (Shibboleth, VOMS, GUMS, how to expose policies, ...)
  • Rights management in Grid data management (data sharing and protection, ACL enforcement, quota enforcement, ...)
  • Rights management for Grid job management (priority management, quota enforcement, sandboxing, ...)
  • Advanced authorization mechanisms (VO policies enforcement, SAML, XACML, progress on standardization)
  • Auditing

Please see the Draft Program for details.

For more information please contact the workshop organizers:
Erwin Laure and Åke Edlund


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